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Table 6 Iridoviridae Core Genes

From: Comparative genomic analysis of the family Iridoviridae: re-annotating and defining the core set of iridovirus genes

1. Putative replication factor and/or DNA binding-packing 1R 105R 91R 116R 79R 162L 181R 61L 57L 60L 282R 79L
2. DNA-dep RNA pol-II Largest subunit 8R 8R 6R 104L 71L 16L 191R 28L 29L 31L 176R, 343L 90L
3. Putative NTPase I 9L 9L 7L 60R 36R 132L 075L 63L 59L 63L 22L 87L
4. ATPase-like protein 15R 16R 83R 134L 90L 54R 114L 122R 116R 119R 75L 88R
5. Helicase family 21L 21L 78R 54R 32R 6L 7L 56L 54L 57L 67R 4R
6. D5 family NTPase involved in DNA replication 22R 22R 77L 52L 31L 128L 80L 109L 101L 106L 184R 121R
7. Putative tyrosin kinase/lipopolysaccharide modifying enzyme 27R 29R 58R 78L+81L b 52L 195R 173R 61L, 114L 57L, 106Lb 60L, 111L 179R, 439L 35R
8. NIF-NLI interacting factor 37R 40R 64R 61R 37R 82L 148L 5L 6L 6L 355R 104R
9. Unknown 41R 45R 69R 57L 35L 163R 235R 76L 72L 75L 295L 16R
10. Myristilated membrane protein 53R 55R 51L 88L 59L 67L 158R 7L 8L 8L 118L, 458R 6R
11. DNA pol Family B exonuclease 60R 63R 44L 128R 87R 135R 203L 19R 20R 22R 37L 120L
12. DNA-dep RNA pol-II second largest subunit 62L 65L 43R 73L 46L 25L 25R 34R 33R 36R 428L 9R
13. Ribonucleotide reductase small subunit 67L 71L 38R 47L 26L 27R 41L 24R 26R 27R 376L 48L
14. Ribonuclease III 80L 85L 25R 84L 55L 137R 187R 87R 83R 85R 142R 101R
15. Proliferating cell nuclear antigen 84R 90R 20L 68L 41L 3L 197L 112R 103R b 109R 436L 60L
16. Major capsid protein 90R 96R 14L 72R 45R 147L 43L 6L 7L 7L 274R 14L
17. Putative XPPG-RAD2-type nuclease 95R 101R 10L 97L 66L 191R 169R 27L 28L 30L 369L 76L
18. Serine-threonine protein kinase 19R 19R 80L 39L 21L 10L 45R 55L 53L 56L 380R 10L
19. Serine-threonine protein kinase 57R 59R 47L 150L 100L 143L 178L 13R 13R 15R 98R 98L
  1. The Iridoviridae core genes are shown.
  2. aORFs that have been added or altered are highlighted in bold
  3. bPotentially frameshifted ORF