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Table 5 Overlapping ORFs deleted from the Iridovirus and Lymphocystivirus genera

From: Comparative genomic analysis of the family Iridoviridae: re-annotating and defining the core set of iridovirus genes

Virus Deleted
LCDV-C 4L, 8R, 17R, 20L, 21L, 26L, 28L, 30L, 31L, 32L, 35R, 36R, 44R, 46L, 48L, 52R, 55L, 68L, 74R, 76R, 78R, 79R, 81R, 88R, 92R, 94R, 98R, 102R, 103R, 113L, 120R, 130L, 132L, 134L, 138R, 141R, 144L, 152L, 155L, 156L, 163L, 167R, 174L, 183L, 188L, 192L, 193L, 194L, 195L, 198R, 199L, 200R, 204R, 207L, 210L, 213L, 223R, 225R, 232R, 233L, 236L, 238R, 240L
IIV-6 1R, 2R, 3R, 4R, 5R, 7R, 8R, 11L, 13R, 14R, 15R, 16L, 17R, 18R, 20L, 21R, 23L, 24L, 25R, 26R, 27L, 28L, 31R, 33L, 35L, 36R, 38R, 39R, 40R, 46R, 47R, 48R, 51R 52R, 53R, 54R, 55R, 57L, 58L, 59R, 63R, 64L, 66L, 68L, 70R, 72R, 73R, 74R, 76L, 78R, 79L, 80L, 81L, 86R, 87R, 88L, 89L, 90R, 91R, 92R, 93R, 97L, 99L, 102R, 103R, 105R, 108R, 109R, 112R, 114L, 119R, 124L, 125L, 128L, 129R, 131L, 133R, 134L, 144R, 147L, 150R, 151R, 152R, 153L, 154R, 158R, 163L, 164R, 166L, 167L, 168R, 171R, 173R, 174R, 177L, 178L, 180L, 181L, 182L, 183L, 185L, 186L, 187R, 188L, 189L, 190R, 191L, 194R, 199L, 202L, 204L, 207L, 108L, 210L, 214L, 215R, 217L, 220L, 222R, 223L, 230L, 231R, 233L, 237R, 239R, 243R, 245R, 248R, 252L, 256R, 257R, 258R, 260R, 262R, 263L, 264R, 265L, 266L, 267R, 269R, 270R, 271R, 275R, 276L, 277R, 278L, 279R, 280R, 281R, 282R, 283L, 286L, 288R, 290R, 291R, 292L, 294R, 296R, 297L, 298R, 299R, 303R, 304R, 305L, 310R, 311R, 314L, 316R, 318R, 319L, 320L, 321R, 323L, 324L, 326L, 327R, 328L, 330L, 331R, 333L, 334R, 336R, 338L, 339L, 341R, 344R, 345R, 351R, 352R, 353L, 354L, 355R, 356L, 360R, 362R, 363L, 364L, 365L, 367L, 370R, 371R, 372R, 377R, 379L, 381L, 382R, 383L, 386R, 387R, 390R, 392R, 394R, 397L, 398R, 399R, 402L, 403L, 405L, 406R, 407R, 408R, 409R, 410L, 412L, 416R, 417L, 418R, 419L, 421L, 424R, 425R, 427R, 429R, 430R, 431L, 432R, 433R, 434L, 435R, 440R, 442L, 444R, 445L, 446L, 447L, 448L, 449L, 450L, 452R, 455L, 456R, 459L, 461R, 462R, 464R, 465R