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Figure 1

From: A self-inactivating retrovector incorporating the IL-2 promoter for activation-induced transgene expression in genetically engineered T-cells

Figure 1

Activation-induced luciferase reporter expression in Jurkat TAg cells. A. Jurkat cells that express the large T Ag were transiently transfected by electroporation with an IL-2 promoter-luciferase construct. Co-stimulation of these T-cells with 1 μM ionomycin and 10 ng/ml PMA for ~6 hr resulted in 6.4 ± 0.4 – fold increase in IL-2 promoter-driven luciferase reporter expression relative to control non-stimulated cells (P = 0.002). B. Similar co-stimulation of Jurkat T Ag cells that were transfected with NFAT3 promoter-luciferase construct reulsted 14.6 ± 1.3 – fold increase in NFAT3 promoter-driven luciferase expression relative to control (P = 0.008).

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