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Figure 1

From: Serendipitous identification of natural Intergenotypic recombinants of hepatitis C in Ireland

Figure 1

The 5'UTR amplicon used in the RLPH assay was generated using the Roche Diagnostics COBAS AMPLICOR HCV MONITOR kit. Hybridization and subsequent chromogenic development were performed as per AutoLipa-Versant protocol. Lane 1, HC9A98987; Lane 2, negative control; M, Interpretation chart; CONJ CTRL, conjugate control; AMP CTRL, PCR amplification control. The HCV specific banding pattern observed was 5, 6 (weak), 9–11, 16. A banding pattern of 5, 9–11 is indicative of a genotype 2a/2c infection, while banding at positions 6 and 16 are usually indicative of a genotype 4a infection and banding at positions 5 and 16 can be indicative of a genotype 4e. The nitrocellulose strip most proximal to the interpretation chart is the negative control.

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