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Figure 6

From: Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) infection spreads by cell-to-cell transfer in cultured MARC-145 cells, is dependent on an intact cytoskeleton, and is suppressed by drug-targeting of cell permissiveness to virus infection

Figure 6

Two-color fluorescence detection of actin (red) and PRRSV antigen (green) in MARC-145 cells. A. PRRSV-infected cell doublet (arrow) in a colchicine-treated culture; higher magnification, 50 μm; B. Control – higher magnification, 50 μm; C. Arrow indicates PRRSV-infected cell doublet; green-only (compare to red + green in A), 50 μm; D. Arrow indicates position of PRRSV-infected cell doublet, red-only (compare to red + green in A), 50 μm; E. Emerging clusters at 41 h p.i., 20 μm; F. Cytochalasin D treatment (1 μM) at 18 h p.i., 20 μm; G. control 42 h p.i. with PRRSV (arrows = actin fibrils; 10 μm). (Length of scale bar is indicated for each panel)

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