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Table 2 Impact of Cyclic Cidofovir On Maternal and Congenital GPCMV Infection Rates. To assess the extent of maternal and congenital GPCMV dissemination, both maternal and pup organs (liver, spleen, lung) were collected, both from animals who died during course of experiment, and following euthanasia within 72 hours of delivery, and homogenates were co-cultured on GPL cells. Congenital transmission was defined by any positive pup culture from any organ. The rate of congenital GPCMV transmission was 26% in placebo-treated controls, versus 0% in cyclic-cidofovir treated dams. Among maternal cultures, 2/5 (40%) of control dams were culture-positive, compared to 0/4 (0%) of cidofovir-treated dams. GPCMV was isolated from 3 dead pups, and 2 live pups, from 3 different litters in the control group, including both dams which were culture-positive from visceral organs, and, interestingly, one control dam which was culture-negative from visceral organs.

From: Cyclic cidofovir (cHPMPC) prevents congenital cytomegalovirus infection in a guinea pig model

Group Culture Positive Dams Culture Positive Pups Total Culture Positive Animals Congenital Transmission Rate
Placebo 2/5 5/19 7/27 26%
Cyclic Cidofovir 0/4 0/16 0/20§ 0%*
  1. * p < 0.05 vs. placebo, Fisher 's Exact Test
  2. §p = 0.01 vs. placebo, Fisher 's Exact Test