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Table 1 Impact of Cyclic Cidofovir On GPCMV-Associated Mortality Following GPCMV (vAM403) Challenge During Third Trimester of Pregnancy. Animals challenged in the early 3rd trimester of pregnancy were monitored for outcome by assessment of pup mortality rates (liveborn versus dead pups) and GPCMV-associate maternal mortality. In 5 litters in the placebo (saline) group, there were 2 litters with dead pups (40%) and the overall mortality was 20%. One dam also died, shortly after childbirth, and had disseminated GPCMV infection (liver, lungs, spleen). In contrast, cyclic cidofovir-treated animals had no pup or maternal mortality.

From: Cyclic cidofovir (cHPMPC) prevents congenital cytomegalovirus infection in a guinea pig model

Control (Saline) Live Dead %
Maternal Mortality 4 1 20%
Pup Mortality 16 4 20%
Total Mortality 20 5 20%
Cyclic Cidofovir Live Dead %
Maternal Mortality 4 0 0
Pup Mortality 21 0 0
Total Mortality 25 0 0 *
  1. * p = 0.05 vs. placebo, Fisher 's Exact Test