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Figure 3

From: Genomic sequence and analysis of a vaccinia virus isolate from a patient with a smallpox vaccine-related complication

Figure 3

Map of genomic differences among DUKE, CLONE3 and ACAM2000. A) Map of the region of major genomic differences among the three Dryvax® clones Solid black line: viral genome; dashed black line: deletion. ORFs are shown as colored arrows. Purple: IFN-α/β receptor homolog which is intact in DUKE and CLONE3 but truncated 90 amino acids from the C terminus in ACAM2000; Red: Ankyrin-like gene, which is intact in CLONE3, fragmented in DUKE and absent from ACAM2000; Light blue: fragments of Kelch-like gene; Dark blue: genes present in the right ITR of ACAM2000 due to a duplication; Green: Serpin (SPI) gene. Gene lengths are not drawn to scale. B) Overview of the positions of substitutions (blue bars), insertions (green bars) and deletions (red bars) among the genomes of three Dryvax® clones, and VACV-Cop, a VACV strain not derived from Dryvax®. Substitutions, insertions and deletions are relative to the consensus sequence. Genomes were aligned using Clustal W and edited in Base-By-Base. Numbers indicate the nucleotide position.

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