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Table 1 Quasispecies population in HCV patients undergoing anti-viral therapya

From: Evidence of recombination in quasispecies populations of a Hepatitis C Virus patient undergoing anti-viral therapy

Patient ID Weeks on therapy Strains in populationb Treatment responsec
PAT 7 0 AY378615 to AY378634 SR
  1 AY378635 to AY378650 SR
  2 AY378651 to AY378673 SR
  4 AY378674 to AY378694 SR
PAT 8 0 AY378705 to AY378729 SR
  1 AY378730 to AY378750 SR
  4 AY378751 to AY378775 SR
PAT 9 0 AY378776 to AY378799 SR
  1 AY378800 to AY378821 SR
  2 AY378822 to AY378869 SR
  4 AY378846 to AY378869 SR
PAT 10 0 AY381300 to AY381324 NR
  1 AY381325 to AY381344 NR
  2 AY381345 to AY381369 NR
  4 AY381370 to AY381394 NR
PAT11 0 AY381414 to AY381434 NR
  1 AY381435 to AY381455 NR
  2 AY381456 to AY381480 NR
  4 AY381481 to AY381505 NR
PAT12 0 AY381528 to AY381549 NR
  1 AY381550 to AY381570 NR
  2 AY381571 to AY381595 NR
  4 AY381596 to AY381619 NR
  1. aAccording to Puig-Basagoity et al. [22].
  2. bStrains in quasispecies populations are indicated by accession numbers.
  3. cSR means sustained response, NR means no response.