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Figure 4

From: Analysis of vaccinia virus temperature-sensitive I7L mutants reveals two potential functional domains

Figure 4

Electron micrographs of virus infected BSC 40 cells. MOI = 10 and cells were harvested and fixed 24 hours after infection. Dts-4 at the permissive temperature of 31C (A-C). Dts-4 (D), Cts-16 (E), Cts-34 (F), Dts-8 (G), Dts-35 (H) and Dts-93 (I) at the non-permissive temperature of 41C. Bars represent 400 nm except in C, D and F (bar = 200 nm). N, nucleus; m, mitochondria; IMV, intracellular mature virion; asterisk, immature viral particle; arrow, representative particles with asymmetrical viroplasm condensation; arrow head, nucleoids.

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