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Table 1 Full-length HCV sequences.

From: Evidence of structural genomic region recombination in Hepatitis C virus

Name Genotype Accession number
H77 1a AF009606
HCV-H 1a M67463
COLONEL 1a AF290978
HC-J1 1a D10749
HCV-1HCV-PT 1a M62321
HCV-H 1a M67463
LTD1-2-XF222 1a AF511948
LTD6-2-XF224 1a AF511949
HC-J6 1a D00944
PHCV-1/SF9_A 1a AF271632
LTD6-2-XF224 1a AF511950
HEC278830 1a AJ238830
AB016785 1b AB016785
M1LE 1b AB080299
HCV-N 1b AF139594
MD1-0 1b AF165045
274933RU 1b AF176573
HCV-S1 1b AF356827
HCV-TR1 1b AF483269
HCV-A 1b AJ000009
HCV-AD78 1b AJ132996
HCV-AD78P1 1b AJ132997
NC1 1b AJ238800
HCR6 1b AY045702
HCV-S 1b AY460204
AY587016 1b AY587016
N589 1b AY587844
HC-C2 1b D10934
JT 1b D11168
J33 1b D14484
HPCPP 1b D30613
HCV-K1-R1 1b D50480
HCV-K1-R2 1b D50481
HCV-K1-R3 1b D50482
HCV-K1-S1 1b D50483
HCV-K1-S3 1b D50484
HCV-K1-S2 1b D50485
HCV-JS 1b D85516
D89815 1b D89815
HCV-J 1b D90208
HEBEI 1b L02838
HCV-BK 1b M58335
HCV-N 1b S62220
HCU16362 1b U16362
HD-1 1b U45476
HCU89019 1b U89019
HPCHCPO 1b D45172
JK1-full 1b X61596
D89815 1b D89815
TMORF 1b D89872
HCV-O 1b AB191333
HD-1 1b U45476
Con1 1b AJ238799
HCV-L2 1b U01214
HCV-K1-S2 1b D50485
HEC278830 1b AJ238830
HCV-N 1b D63857
AY051292 1c AY051292
HC-G9 1c D14853
AY051292 1c AY05292
Khaja1 1c AY651061
pJ6CF 2a AF177036
MD2A-7 2a AF238485
JFH-1 2a AB047639
AY466460 2a AY746460
MD2B-1 2b AF238486
MD2b1-2 2b AY232731
HC-J8 2b D10988
JPUT971017 2b AB030907
BEBE1 2c D50409
VAT96 2k AB031663
HCVCENS1 3a X76918
CB 3a AF046866
K3A 3a D28917
HCVCENS1 3a X76918
NZL1 3a D17763
HCV-Tr 3b D49374
JK049 3k D63821
ED43 4a Y11604
EUH1480 5a Y13184
SA13 5a AF064490
6a33 6a AY859526
EUHK2 6a Y12083
TH580 6b D84262
VN235 6d D84263
JK046 6g D63822
VN004 6h D84265
VN405 6k D84264
KM45 6k AY878650