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Figure 1

From: Evidence of structural genomic region recombination in Hepatitis C virus

Figure 1

Phylogenetic profiles of HCV sequences. In (A) results from SimPlot analysis are shown. The y-axis gives the percentage of identity within a sliding window of 500 bp wide centered on the position plotted, with a step size between plots of 20 bp. Comparison of HCV strain D10749 with strains AF511949 (sub-type 1A), AY651061 (sub-type 1C) and D45172 (sub-type 2B) is shown. The red vertical lines show the recombination points at positions 1407 and 2050. In (B) a schematic representation of the HCV genome is shown. Structural and non-structural regions of the genome are indicated on the top of the figure. Nucleotide positions are shown by numbers on the upper part of the scheme. Amino acid codon positions are shown by numbers in the lower part of the scheme. No coding regions at the 5' and 3' of the genome are shown by a line. Coding region is shown by a yellow rectangle, showing the corresponding proteins by name. Recombination points are shown by red arrows.

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