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Figure 2

From: Pathogenesis and vertical transmission of a transplacental rat cytomegalovirus

Figure 2

Positive IIP-stained placental and fetal tissue sections of infected immunosuppressed dams. Seven-day old placenta (D; day 21 p.i.): (a) decidual epithelia (arrows; × 200), (b) junctional zone (arrows; × 200), (c) chorionic villi (arrow) anchored to the decidual basalis concomitantly passing infection to junctional zone (arrowhead; × 400), and (d) trophoblast cells (arrows) in labyrinth zone (× 400); (e) fetal renal tubules (arrows) of 17-day pregnancy (D; day 21 p.i.; × 200), (f) fetal liver (arrow) of 18-day pregnancy (D; day 21 p.i.; × 400).

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