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Table 2 Domain matches for T4 conserved ORFs

From: Genetic diversity among five T4-like bacteriophages

Gene Pfam domain name E value range genomes hit
vs.6 Gly_radical formyl transferase 1.40E-45 to 8.8E-15 6/6
vs.1 SLT Transglycosylase 0.012 to 0.74 6/6
nrdC.10 AAA ATPase family 0.082 to 0.16 3/3
nrdC.10 BSD domain 0.076 1/3
nrdC.2 TFIIS_C 0.021 1/6
*nrdC.11 COG3541: nucleotidyl transferase 4.0E-07 to 0.013 2/6 full alignment 4/6 partial alignment
*tk.4 smart00506:A1pp phosphatase 2.0E-20 to 0.04 4/6 full alignment 1/6 partial alignment
  1. Matches are HMMer matches to the Pfam database. * indicates BLAST matches to CCD database. Genomes hit shows (number of orthologs matching Pfam domain)/(total number of orthologs identified for the five genomes studied plus T4). For CDD matches, alignment to the full domain or partial length alignment is noted. Additional conserved ORFs for which no function was identified are: uvsW.1, pseT.2, pseT.3, a-gt.4, and 61.1.