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Table 2 Subcellular localization prediction of vaccinia virus proteins

From: Predicting the subcellular localization of viral proteins within a mammalian host cell

Gene SwissProt Accession PSLT predictionsa Literature annotations Localization References Closest human homologueb BLAST e-value
A34R P21057 PM Golgi [45] C-type lectin (NP_072092) 0.02
A38L P21061 PM PM [46] CD47 antigen (NP_001768) 3E-22
A39R P21062 Secreted and PM Secreted [47] semaphorin 7A (NP_003603) 1E-30
A40R P21063 PM PM [48] lectin-like receptor (NP_031359) 2E-9
B13R P20841 Secreted Cytoplasmic [49] plasminogen activator inhibitor-2 (NP_002566) 5E-7
B15R P21116 Secreted and PM PM or secreted [50] interleukin 1 receptor (NP_775465) 4E-32
B18R P21076 Cytosolic and nuclear Secreted and PM [51] Ankyrin 3 isoform 1 (NP_066267) 1E-9
B5R P21115 Secreted and PM PM and Golgi [45,52,53] coagulation factor XIII B (NP_001985) 6E-17
C12L P20531 Secreted Secreted [54] serine proteinase inhibitor (NP_002965) 4E-47
C2L P21037 Nuclear and cytosolic Cytoplasmic [55] kelch-like 10 (NP_689680) 1e-024
D8L P20508 PM PM [56] carbonic anhydrase XIII (NP_940986) 8E-35
A45R P21132 Cytosolic Cytoplasmic [3] superoxide dismutase 1 (NP_000445) 3E-6
D4R P20536 Nuclear and mitochondrial Cytoplasmic [56] - > 0.1
D6R P20634 Nuclear Perinuclear [58] hypothetical protein (NP_060139) 0.027
E9L P20509 Nuclear Cytoplasmic [57] polymerase alpha (NP_058633) 9E-19
E3L P21081 Nuclear Nuclear [59] adenosine deaminase (NP_001102) 4E-6
F17R P68454 Cytosolic and nuclear Cytoplasmic [60] - > 0.1
F4L P20493 Cytosolic Cytoplasmic [57] ribonucleotide reductase M2 (NP_001025) 1E-143
A56R P20978 PM PM [61] dentin matrix acidic phosphoprotein (NP_004398) 0.015
K1L P20632 Cytosolic and nuclear Cytoplasmic [62] ankyrin 2 (NP_001139) 1E-9
K2L P20532 Secreted Extracellularly associated with infected cell [63] plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (NP_000593) 3E-35
M1L P20640 Cytosolic and nuclear Cytoplasmic [64] ankyrin 3 (NP_066267) 4E-13
C11R P20494 PM and secreted Secreted [65] epiregulin (NP_001423) 2E-10
  1. a In the case of multi-compartmental proteins (proteins that are predicted with high probability to be present in more than one compartment), the two most likely compartments were retained by PSLT. PM: plasma membrane.
  2. b The closest human homologue was determined by using BLAST [38] against the NCBI human RefSeq dataset. We do not report a homologue when the BLAST e-value exceeds 0.1.