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Table 1 E1 phosphate sites identified by MS analysis and site characteristics. Phospho-amino acid positions identified in this study are shown in the left column, followed by the sequence of the surrounding amino acids. The phosphorylated position is highlighted in bold type. The NetPhos2.0 and NetPhosK scores for each phospho-amino acid is shown. 1.0 is the maximum score, and 0.5 is the default threshold for likely phosphorylation. The kinases predicted by the NetPhosK algorithm are shown. Where there is no NetPhosK score, that position was not predicted and the kinases were identified by manual analysis and comparison to published consensus sequences [44]. *, phosphate sites identified by MS and not previously known; **, phosphate sites identified by MS, confirming previously known sites.

From: A phosphorylation map of the bovine papillomavirus E1 helicase

Amino Acid Sequence NetPhos Score Predicted Kinase NetPhosK Score
Ser 48** VESDRYDS QDEDFVD 0.997 CK2 ATM DNAPK RSK 0.64 0.58 0.56 0.52
Ser 94* VLGSSQNS SGSEASE 0.926 CK2  
Ser 95* LGSSQNSS GSEASET 0.993 CK2 0.59
Ser 100* NSSGSEAS ETPVKRR 0.333 CK1, CK2  
Thr 126* NEANRVLT PLQVQGE 0.959 p38MPK 0.52
Ser 305* AQTTLNES LQTEKFD 0.253 DNAPK 0.53
Ser 584** LIDEEEDS EEDGDSM 0.998 CK2 CK1 0.69 0.53