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Figure 1

From: Importance of disulphide bonds for vaccinia virus L1R protein function

Figure 1

(A) Growth-curve kinetics comparing vv:Western Reserve to vv:TetO:L1R under permissive and non-permissive conditions. Each infection was performed at an MOI of 0.1 pfu and harvested at various times from 0 to 48 hpi and the resulting cell lysates were titered using BSC40 cells. (B) Transiently expressed L1R is capable of phenotypic rescue of conditional-lethal viral infection under non-permissive conditions. Infections were performed at 0.1 MOI with either VV-WR (WR) or VV-TetO:L1R (TetO) in the absence of tetracycline unless noted. Transfections of plasmid DNA were performed using 2 μg of pUC19, p(E/Lp)L1R or p(wtp)L1R. All infections were harvested at 24 hpi and titered on BSC40 cells.

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