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Table 2 Bootstrap and puzzle support values for DOBV and SAAVclades in phylogenetic trees calculated using different methods.

From: Phylogenetic evidence for the distinction of Saaremaa and Dobrava hantaviruses

method outgroup support for: DOBV support for: SAAV
maximum likelihood SEOV 100 70
maximum likelihood collection* 100 49
maximum likelihood no outgroup 100 100
maximum parsimony SEOV 100 75
maximum parsimony collection* 100 75
distance matrix: Neighbor-joining SEOV 100 84
distance matrix: Neighbor-joining collection* 100 91
distance matrix: Fitch-Margoliash SEOV 79 58
distance matrix: Fitch-Margoliash collection* 100 79
distance matrix: Fitch-Margoliash no outgroup 100 99
TreePuzzle** SEOV 99 87
TreePuzzle collection* 99 75
  1. *A collection of hantavirus sequences including SNV, ANDV, ELMCV, TULV, TOPV, PUUV, SEOV strains SR11 and Gou3, HTNV strains 76–118 and 84Fli **Tamura-Nei was used as the nucleotide (nt) substitution model in TreePuzzle, as suggested by Modeltest.