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Table 1 Effect of drugs on fusion of TF228.1.16 cells to 293/CD4+ cells

From: Inhibition of human immunodeficiency virus type-1 (HIV-1) glycoprotein-mediated cell-cell fusion by immunor (IM28)

Treatment Effect§
None F F F
IM28 F (0.60) P (1.83) I (6.43)
Dexamethasone F (0.48) P (1.67) I (5.20)
Con A F (0.09) P (0.22) I (0.79)
Heparin F (2.70) P (7.00) I (22.0)
Suramin F (1.57) P (3.90) I (15.0)
Dextran Sulfate 10,000 F (0.02) P (0.06) I (0.20)
Dextran Sulfate 500,000 F (0.37) P (1.15) I (3.52)
  1. §F = 50–60% of the surface is covered by syncytia; P = partial inhibition of fusion: < 10% of the surface is covered by syncytia; I = inhibition of syncytia formation.
  2. TF228.1.16 cells were mixed with 293/CD4+ cells (1:1 cell ratio) and transferred to a 24-well plate (105 cells per well in 200 μl of culture medium). TF228.1.16 cells and 293/CD4+ cells were incubated in the presence or absence of the drug (the final concentration in μg/ml is indicated in parenthesis) for 18 h. Following co-culture, three random fields of cells were photographed (not shown) and percentage fusion was determined as previously described [10].