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Table 1 Distribution of MV genotypes by WHO geographical region 1950s – 2004. Countries in which MV virus has been detected. No distinction has been made between endemic transmission or instances of MV importation. (data reflects publications available as of August 2005). Refer to Additional file 1 for details of endemic transmission and imported measles cases and for complete referencing of data.

From: Review of the temporal and geographical distribution of measles virus genotypes in the prevaccine and postvaccine eras

Geno-type AFRO1 EMRO2 SEARO3 WPRO4 Europe5 Americas6
A     China, Japan Romania, UK Finland, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia Brazil, USA, Argentina,
B1 Cameroon      
B2 Gabon South Africa, Angola      
B3 Gambia, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Algeria, Cameroon, Rep. of Congo, Dem. Rep. of Congo Burkina Faso, Equatorial Guinea Sudan, Tunisia, Libya    France, Spain Germany, UK, USA
C1     Japan Nth Ireland, Spain, Germany USA, Canada, Argentina
C2 Zimbabwe Morocco   Australia Austria, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Italy, Germany, UK, Luxembourg, Denmark, USA, Brazil, Canada,
D1     Australia UK, Nth Ireland  
D2 South Africa, Zambia     Ireland, UK, Spain USA
D3 South Africa    Micronesia, Philippines, PNG, Japan, Australia, Taiwan UK, Denmark USA, Canada
D4 South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Ethiopia Pakistan, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran India, Nepal Japan, Australia UK, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Croatia, Russia, USA, Canada
D5 Namibia   Thailand, Bangladesh Japan, Malaysia, Micronesia, Australia, New Zealand, Cambodia, Guam, Rep. of Korea UK, Germany South America, USA, Canada, Brazil
D6      UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Luxembourg, Bosnia, Israel, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands USA, Canada, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Dominican Republic \Haiti
D7    Sri Lanka, Myanmar (Burma), India Australia UK, Germany, Sweden, Europe, France, Spain, Italy El Salvador, USA, Canada, Mexico
D8 Ethiopia Pakistan, Oman, India, Bangladesh, Nepal Australia UK, Spain, Yugoslavia, Albania, Italy, Lithuania USA, Canada
D9    Indonesia Australia, Japan Europe Venezuela, Colombia
D10 Uganda      
E      Germany, Denmark USA, Canada
F      Spain  
G1       USA
G2 South Africa   Indonesia Australia, Malaysia Netherlands, UK, Germany Mexico, USA
G3    E. Timor, Indonesia Australia   
H1    Thailand Australia, China, New Zealand, Mongolia, Singapore, Japan, Rep. of Korea, Rep. of Marshall Islands UK, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany USA, Canada, Chile, Mexico
H2     China, Vietnam, Australia   USA
  1. 1AFRO – WHO African region, 2EMRO – WHO Eastern Mediterranean region, 3SEARO – WHO South East Asian region, 4WPRO – WHO Western Pacific region, 5Europe – WHO European region, 6Americas – WHO region of the Americas