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Table 1 Mutation R84S/I86A in the RNA binding domain of 3Cpro cannot be complemented in vitro with wt 3CDpro.a

From: Stimulation of poliovirus RNA synthesis and virus maturation in a HeLa cell-free in vitro translation-RNA replication system by viral protein 3CDpro

Sample Infectivity (pfu/μg transcript RNA)
PVM(3CproR84S/I86A) Tr RNA 0
PVM(3CproR84S/I86A) Tr RNA + 1.4 μg/ml 3CDpro mRNA 0
PVM (3CproR84S/I86A) Tr RNA + 400 ng/ml 3CDpro protein 0
  1. a Translation RNA-replication reactions were carried out with a PVM transcript RNA, containing the R84S/I86A mutations in 3Cpro as template. Where indicated the reactions were supplemented with wt 3CDpro mRNA (1.4 μg/ml) or 3CDpro(3CproH40A) purified protein (5.5 nM). The virus yield was measured with a plaque assay (Materials and Methods).