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Figure 1

From: Functional inaccessibility of quiescent herpes simplex virus genomes

Figure 1

ICP0 is required for reactivation of the HCMV IE promoter in quiescent HSV genomes. Confluent monolayers of HEL cells were infected with 2 PFU/cell of KM110-R in order to establish a quiescent infection. Four days later the cells were mock infected or superinfected with wild-type HSV-1 KOS or the indicated IE mutant at an MOI of 10. Samples were harvested 24 hours later and analyzed by flow cytometry. The results are presented as a scatter plot in which the fluorescence in the red and green channels are plotted for each cell analyzed. Values in each panel report the fraction of cells that were scored as positive for RFP expression (indicated as red dots).

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