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Table 1 PCR and sequencing results obtained from parapoxvirus isolates of different species, reference orf virus strain (Orf 11) and an orf virus vaccine strain (NZ2). Successful amplification is indicated by Genebank accession number

From: Characterisation of parapoxviruses isolated from Norwegian semi-domesticated reindeer (Rangifer tarandus tarandus)

Signature Host Country of origin B2L-PCR vIL-10-PCR GIF-PCR
N99.1Rt Rangifer t. tarandus Norway AY605963 AY605995 AY605973
N00.1Rt Rangifer t. tarandus Norway AY605964 AY605994 AY605972
N00.2Rt Rangifer t. tarandus Norway AY605969 AY606005 AY605985
N03.8Rt Rangifer t. tarandus Norway AY605966 AY605992 AY606010
Fi94.1Rt Rangifer t. tarandus Finland AY605965 AY605993 AY605971
Fi92.1Rt Rangifer t. tarandus Finland AY605959 AY606001 AY605979
N79.1Bos Bos spec. Norway AY605960 AY606011 AY605980
N92.1Bos Bos spec. Norway AY605961 AY606002 AY605981
N83.1Bos Bos spec. Norway AY605970 AY606003 AY605982
N85.1Bos Bos spec. Norway - AY963707 AY605984
N71.1Bos Bos spec. Norway - AY606012 AY605983
N02.1Ch Capra hircus Norway - Not sequenced AY606013
N00.1Ch Capra hircus Norway - AY605999 AY605977
N94.1Om Ovibos moschatus Norway AY605962 AY605996 AY605974
N00.1Oa Ovis aries Norway AY605957 AY605998 AY605976
N86.1Oa Ovis aries Norway AY605968 AY606007 Not sequenced
N86.2Oa Ovis aries Norway AY605967 AY606008 AY605990
N03.1Oa Ovis aries Norway - AY963708 AY605991
Sc95.1Hg Halichoerus grypus Scotland U49845AJ622901 AY605997 AY605975
N03.1Lw Leptonychotes weddelli Antarctica AJ622900 AY606015 AY605989AY605989
Orf 11 Cell culture - AY605958 AY606000 AY605978
Orf NZ2 Vaccine - AY963706 AY606006 AY605988