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Table 3 Companies or institutions that provide serologic testing services or research kits for the detection HHV-8 infection.

From: Human herpesvirus 8 – A novel human pathogen

Serologic testing & kits   
Company Test Utility
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Seattle, WA, USA ELISA Clinical diagnostics
Focus Diagnostics, Inc. Herndon, VA, USA IgG IFA Method for identifying individuals among HIV+ persons who are at increased risk for developing KS. "The results are for research use only, and should not be used for diagnostic purposes."
Quest Diagnostic (Focus Technologies) Baltimore, MD, USA IgG IFA "This test should not be used for diagnosis without confirmation by other medically established means".
Advanced Biotechnologies Inc Columbia, MD, USA 1) IgG Antibody IFA Kit
2) IgG Antibody ELISA Kit (whole virus lysate)
For research use only.
Biotrin International The Rise, Mount Merrion Co. Dublin, Ireland 1)IgG IFA assay
2) DIAVIR HHV-8 peptide mix (Orf 65 & K8.1A) ELISA
For research use only. To aid in the diagnosis of primary infection or to identify reactivation or reinfection. To determine current or recent infection by testing of paired specimens of plasma or serum taken 7–14 days apart; a ≥ 4-fold rise in titer is indicative of recent infection.
Panbio Inc. Columbia, MD, USA 1) IgG IFA (Lytic)
2) IgG IFA (Latent)
3) DIAVIR HHV-8 peptide mix (Orf 65 & K8.1A) ELISA
For research use only