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Table 2 Companies or institutions that provide molecular testing services or research kits for the detection HHV-8 infection.

From: Human herpesvirus 8 – A novel human pathogen

Molecular testing & kits   
Company Test UtilityFive articles described testing
Focus Diagnostics, Inc. Herndon, VA, USA PCR, qualitative Method for identifying individuals among HIV+ persons who are at increased risk for developing KS. "The results are for research use only, and should not be used for diagnostic purposes."
ViraCor Laboratories Lee's Summit, MO, USA Real-time PCR, quantitative (100 copies/ml to 1 × 1010 copies/ml) Clinical diagnostics: Determination of HHV-8 primary infection and for determining the risk of developing KS among organ transplant patients and patients taking immune suppressive drugs.
ARUP Laboratories Salt Lake City, UT, USA Real-time PCR, qualitative (limit of detection: 1 in 100,000 cells) Clinical diagnostics: To predict the development of KS, to aid differential diagnosis in other vascular neoplasms and inflammatory conditions that are histologically similar to KS, to diagnose PELs, and to monitor patients with immune compromise or dysregulation.
LabPLUS Auckland City Hospital, New Zealand. PCR, qualitative Clinical diagnostics: Diagnosis in KS, PEL, MCD
Medical Diagnostic Laboratories, L.L.C. Hamilton, NJ, USA PCR, qualitative Clinical diagnostics
UT Southwestern Medical Center Dallas, TX, USA Real-time PCR, qualitative Clinical diagnostics
Celonex Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Single HHV-8 ViruChip™ Gene expression