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Table 1 Inhibition of ISAV NBISA01 by AsMx1 in CHSE-214 cells.

From: Constitutive expression of Atlantic salmon Mx1 protein in CHSE-214 cells confers resistance to Infectious Salmon Anaemia virus

CHSE-214 cells1 CPE development2 CPE severity3 Virus titer4
Normal 5–14 days Complete (5+) 5.50
ASMx1 overexpression 6-* days Incomplete (3+) 4.50
  1. 1CHSE-214 cells: Normal CHSE-214 cells and CHSE-214 cells constitutively expressing ASMx1.
  2. 2CPE development denotes time from first appearance to complete CPE in days post inoculation; * indicates incomplete CPE development by 14 days post inoculation.
  3. 3CPE severity was scored from 1+ to 5+: Complete CPE was scored 5+; Incomplete CPE scored 1+ to 4+).
  4. 4Virus titers are expressed as TCID50/ml.