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Figure 2

From: Strategically examining the full-genome of dengue virus type 3 in clinical isolates reveals its mutation spectra

Figure 2

Phylegenetic tree showing the evolutionary relationships of the E gene among 54 sequences from 30 clonal sequences of 6 DEN-3 clinical isolates and 24 global isolates. Bootstrap support values presented as percentage are given for key nodes only and the genotype designations are given. The horizontal branch length of the trees was drawn to scale. GenBank accession numbers of the global DEN-3 strains used in this analysis are as follows: Fiji92 (L11422), India84 (L11424), Indonesia73 (L11425), Indonesia78 (L11426), Indonesia85 (L11428), Malaysia74 (L11429), Malaysia81 (L11427), Mozambique85 (L11430), H87 (L11423), Philippines83 (L11432), Puerto Rico77 (L11434), Puerto Rico63 (L11433), Samoa86 (L11435), SriLanka81 (L11431), Sri Lanka85 (L11436), Sri Lanka89 (L11437), Tahiti65 (L11439), Tahiti89 (L11619), Thailand62 (L11440), Thailand73 (L11620), Thailand87 (L11442).

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