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Figure 1

From: Detection, quantification and genotyping of Herpes Simplex Virus in cervicovaginal secretions by real-time PCR: a cross sectional survey

Figure 1

R = A/G; M = A/C; N = A/T/G/C. Control HSV-1 and -2 DNA was obtained from 2003 Quality Control Molecular Diagnostics 2003 Proficiency panel (Block 6, Kelvin Campus, West of Scotland Science Park, Glasgow UK). The reference sequences were based on Blast results from NCBI. The Tm of the PCR product (146 b.p.) which was amplified during quantitation with SYBR Green I is shown against its complementary sequence with the SNP position marked in bold. The probe and sequence ascertainment of types were in agreement. * Tm was unable to distinguish dual infection in this assay. -n.c. = not confirmed by sequencing.

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