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Figure 2

From: HBx M130K and V131I (T-A) mutations in HBV genotype F during a follow-up study in chronic carriers

Figure 2

Sample deletions treated with Ssp I restriction enzymes. Recognition site of the enzyme SspI in the sequences with 8 bp deletion (left). In the right, samples with presumed deletions were run in a 3% agarose gel. Each pair of lines have the same sample treated with and without the Ssp I enzyme. An HIV sample having the AATATT site was used as positive control in lanes 1 and 2, sample 1430 (616 bp) lanes 3 and 4 (negative control), 1000 bp ladder marker lane 5, sample 6290 lanes 6 and 7, sample 467 lanes 8 and 9 sample 6516 lines 10 and 11, sample 6541 lanes 12 and 13. The samples 467 and 6516 treated with SspI presented two bands of 507 and 109 bp, lanes 8 and 10 (arrows) confirming the deletion. Details in sequence are:

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