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Table 1 Species and tissue origin of cell lines used in this study are listed.

From: Use of a novel cell-based fusion reporter assay to explore the host range of human respiratory syncytial virus F protein

Cell line Species, tissue
XLK-WG Xenopus laevis (S. African clawed frog), kidney
QT6 Coturnix coturnix japonica (Japanese quail), fibrosarcoma
Tb1Lu Tadarida brasiliensis (free-tailed bat), lung
NIH/3T3 Mus musculus (mouse), fibroblast
BHK-21 Mesocricetus auratus (Syrian golden hamster), kidney
RK-13 Oryctolagus cuniculus (rabbit), kidney
LLC-PK1 Sus scrofa (pig), kidney
Mv1Lu Musteal vison (mink), lung
AK-D Felis catus (domestic cat), fetal epithelial
MDCK Canis familiaris (domestic dog), kidney
MDBK Bos taurus (cow), kidney
E. Derm Equus caballus (horse), dermal
Vero Cercopithecus aethiops (African green monkey), kidney
HEp-2 Homo sapiens (human), laryngeal carcinoma
HeLa Homo sapiens (human), cervical carcinoma
MT-4 Homo sapiens (human), T-cell
293T Homo sapiens (human), kidney
NCI-H292 Homo sapiens (human), epidermoid pulmonary carcinoma
A549 Homo sapiens (human), lung