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Figure 2

From: Actively replicating West Nile virus is resistant to cytoplasmic delivery of siRNA

Figure 2

WNV becomes resistant to RNAi after infection. A. Huh7.5 cells were mock transfected or transfected with Cap or Cap Mut siRNA at the indicated times before or after WNV infection. Forty-eight hours after infection cells were harvested and WNV RNA levels were determined by quantitative real-time RT-PCR. The results are an average of three independent experiments and error bars indicate standard error of the mean. B. Induction of RNAi resistance by an attenuated lineage II WNV. Inset. Genomic structure of the attenuated lineage II WNV, which includes an IRES-controlled GFP insertion in the 3' UTR. 6337 denotes the target region of the lineage II specific siRNA. Attenuated WNV becomes resistant to siRNA after infection is established. Huh7.5 cells were transfected with Cap Mut, 6349, or 6337 siRNA at the indicated times prior to or after infection. Forty-eight hours after infection total RNA was collected and viral RNA was assessed as in Fig 1.

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