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Figure 3

From: Differential localization of HPV16 E6 splice products with E6-associated protein

Figure 3

Co-localization of E6s and E6AP in 293T (A) and HaCaT (B). Transiently transfected cells were analyzed for E6 or E6 variants fused to GFP, E6AP (Alexa 568 dye) and nuclear DNA (DAPI) by confocal microscopy. Slides were analyzed by microscopy with 3 lasers excitation lines. The images from the individual channels (DAPI, GFP, Alexa 568) as well as the merged image are shown. P and V represent non-transfected cells and pEGFP-C1 vector transfected cells, respectively. The scale bar represents 20 μm.

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