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Figure 1

From: Neutrophil elastase, an acid-independent serine protease, facilitates reovirus uncoating and infection in U937 promonocyte cells

Figure 1

Analysis of viral replication in L929 and U937 cells treated with E64. A. 3 × 106 L929 and U937 cells were untreated (-; black) or treated (+; grey) with 300 μM E64 for 3 h or 3 d. Cysteine protease activity was assessed using the fluorogenic substrate Z-Phe-Arg-MCA (Sigma) and plotted in arbitrary units. Activity levels in treated cells were so low (in L939 cells, 254 units at 3 h and 231 units at 3 d; in U937 cells, 200 units at 3 h and 115 units at 3 days) that they cannot be visualized on this graph. B. L929 (L; black bars) and U937 (U; grey bars) cells were treated with 300 μM E64 for 3 h prior to infection. Cells were then infected with reovirus strain Lang virions or ISVPs at an MOI of 3. Infectious virus present at 3 d p.i. was determined by plaque assay on L929 cell monolayers. Each time point represents the mean (+/- SD) derived from three independent samples.

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