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Table 7 Predicted amino acid residues in the gp41 cytoplasmic tail that differ in the indicated viruses. Residues found only in the microglia-passage derived SIVmac182 stock, and/or in the resulting virus released from monkey 225 and 321 microglia, are in bold; italics further indicated residues found in the microglia virus but not SIVmac182. For amino acid 747, a mixed sequence was present in SIVmac182 capable of encoding either amino acid listed. Population-based sequencing was performed on the SIVmac251, SIVmac182, 225 microglia, and 321 microglia viral stocks. SIVmac239 is provided for reference.

From: Development and characterization of positively selected brain-adapted SIV

  695 737 741 747 748 751 758 760 785 794 802 808 821 831 837 850 858
SIVmac239 (clone) V I P E S R G S S V L T T H V G R
SIVmac251 (stock) V I P E S G S S S A L A T Q G G G
SIVmac182 (stock) I I Q G/E G G G R S V F T T Q G R R
225 microglia I T Q G G G G R N V F T A Q G R R
321 microglia I T Q G G G G R N V F T A Q G R R