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Table 2 Summary of HCV transmission experiments with various hematopoetic and liver cells

From: Transmission of human hepatitis C virus from patients in secondary cells for long term culture

  Short term Long term
A. T-cells 1 + -
B. B-cells 2 + +
C. Monocytes/macrophages 3 + -
D. Neuronal precursors 4 + +
E. Liver cells 5   
   Kupffer's cells + -
   Hepatocyte + +/-
  1. 1T-cells isolated from human fetal chord blood.
  2. 2B-cells immortalized by infection with transforming EBV.
  3. 3Monocyte/Macrophages, adherent cells stimulated with PMA.
  4. 4Recently isolated neuronal cells from fetal human brain.
  5. 5Freshly isolated liver cells from liver biopsies. Kupffer's cells are liver macrophages and Hepatocytes are liver endothelial cells.