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Figure 1

From: Transmission of human hepatitis C virus from patients in secondary cells for long term culture

Figure 1

Isolation of HCV from human patients. (A) Isolation scheme for the replication of HCV in vitro. (B) History of transmission of the specimen donated from HCV infected patient #081. Fresh macrophages were infected by using cell-free serum or cocultured with HCV infected PBMC from the blood of patient #081. Human T-cells (112 A), B-cells (112 B) or the non-committed lymphoid cells (112 AB) were then either infected by cell-free transmission of HCV from cell culture supernatant from macrophages or cocultured with HCV infected macrophages. Similarly freshly transformed cord blood B-cells (PCLB 1°) were infected by cell free transmission from previously infected B-cell (112 B) culture supernatant. Uninfected transformed B-cells (PCLB T1-T4) were infected by serial, cell-free transmission from filtered PCLB 1° culture supernatant. Neuronal precursor cells were infected by cell free transmission of HCV from filtered #081 culture supernatant.

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