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Figure 7

From: Characterization of the protease domain of Rice tungro bacilliform virus responsible for the processing of the capsid protein from the polyprotein

Figure 7

In vitro releasing of the coat protein from the polyprotein P3. Autoradiography of an SDS-PAGE of induced peptides from different pET-vectors induced in E. coli. 35S radiolabelled methionine was added for 5 minutes after 60 minutes of induction with IPTG. Numbers (in kDa) on the left indicate mobility of the molecular weight markers. Lane 1: pET(no insert); Lane 2: pET-MP; Lane 3: pET-MP-PR; Lane 4: pET-MP-mPR; Lane 5: pET-P3; Lane 6: pET-mP3. Arrow shows the presence of a peptide (estimated molecular mass of 37 kDa) that is present only for constructs that code a peptide that contains the coat protein and the protease (pET-MP-PR; pET-P3).

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