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Figure 2

From: Characterization of the protease domain of Rice tungro bacilliform virus responsible for the processing of the capsid protein from the polyprotein

Figure 2

Putative protease domains for RTBV. Position of five peptides that include the active protease domains with molecular mass that correspond to the mass spectrometry analysis. Peptide A has a predicted molecular mass of 13,790.71 kDa; peptide B of 13,790.71 kDa; peptide C of 13,796.70 kDa; peptide D of 13,793.60 kDa; peptide E of 13,795.70 kDa. Underlined sequences represent the active site of the protease. The grey box indicates a conserved motif among retroviral proteases. Numbers above arrows indicate position of amino acids in P3.

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