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Figure 8

From: Ultrastructural studies on dengue virus type 2 infection of cultured human monocytes

Figure 8

Ultrastructural features of apoptotic cells in DEN2 virus-infected monocytes. A) Apoptotic bodies containing nuclear fragments and several organelles (bar: 2 μm). B) Vesicular apoptotic body formation (bar: 1 μm). C) Vesicular apoptotic body in the extracellular space (arrow). Note a partial engulfing of the apoptotic body by monocyte processes (bar: 500 nm). D) Monocyte showing an engulfed vesicular apoptotic body (arrow) and intense accumulation of phagosomes containing cellular and viral material in several degrees of digestion (bar: 2 μm). E) Cytoplasm of apoptotic cell showing intense accumulation of vesicles and releasing of vesicular contents to the extracellular space (black arrows). Note the presence of a vacuole containing viral particles and electron dense material (white arrow; bar: 200 nm). F) Vacuole containing partial digested viral particles (arrow) in the cytoplasm of apoptotic cell (bar: 200 nm). G) Cisternae formation alongside the plasma membrane (arrows). Note a vesicle close to these formations (small arrow; bar: 200 nm). H) TUNEL staining for apoptosis in monocyte cultures infected for 4 hours with DEN-2 virus. Intense green fluorescence was observed in apoptotic nuclei (arrow). × 400.

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