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Figure 3

From: Two dimensional VOPBA reveals laminin receptor (LAMR1) interaction with dengue virus serotypes 1, 2 and 3

Figure 3

2D VOPBA of β octyl-glucopyranoside soluble proteins from PS Clone D cell monolayer. The antigen preparation used in the VOPBA staining of the 2D blots is labelled on the bottom left of each blot. Two images are superimposed in each panel. The Ponceau S scan of each blot is shown in greyscale and shows the universe of spots transferred to the blot. The spots reactive in the VOPBA analysis are shown in blue. Spots marked with an arrow were identified as Hip-55, those marked with a circle were identified as LAMR1 and the pair of spots in the DENV4 blot marked with a rectangle were identified as p47 protein (NSFL1 cofactor).

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