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Table 2 Alpha- and Betaherpesviruses identified and/or characterized using CODEHOP-based PCR assays targeting the herpesvirus DNA polymerase

From: CODEHOP-mediated PCR – A powerful technique for the identification and characterization of viral genomes

Virus species1 Abbrev.1 Host Strain Assay Accession (#aa) Reference
   Bovine HV-2 BHV2 Cow   TGV-IYG2 AAC59453 (59aa) [36]
   Canid HV-1 CHV1 Dog D004 TGV-IYG AAC55646 (60aa) [8]
   Caretta caretta HV CcaHV Florida loggerhead turtle   TGV-IYG AAD24564 (60aa) [37]
   Chelonia mydas HV-Florida CmyHVf Florida green turtle   TGV-IYG
AAD24565 (60aa)
AAC26682 (161aa)
   Chelonia mydas HV-Hawaii CmyHVh Hawaiin green turtle   DFASA-GDTD1B AAC26681 (161aa) [38]
   Equid HV-3 EHV3 Horse C-175 TGV-IYG AAD30140 (59aa) [17]
   Felid HV-1 FHV1 Cat C-27 TGV-IYG AAC55649 (60aa) [8]
   Infectious laryngotracheitis virus (Gallid HV-1) ILTV Chicken N-71851 TGV-IYG AAC55650 (59aa) [8]
   Marek's disease virus (Gallid HV-3) MDV Chicken GA5 TGV-IYG AAC55651 (59aa) [8]
   Lepidochelys olivacea HV LolHV Olive ridley turtle   DFASA-GDTD1B AAC26684 (161aa) [38]
   Psittacid HV-1 PsiHV1 Parrot RSL-1 TGV-IYG AAC55656 (59aa) [8]
   Saimiriine HV-1 SaHV1 S. American squirrel monkey MV-5-4 TGV-IYG AAC55657 (60aa) [8]
   Tursiops truncatus HV-1 TtrHV1 Bottlenose dolphin Heart TGV-IYG2 AAF62170 (60aa) Unpublished
   Tursiops truncatus HV-2 TtrHV2 Bottlenose dolphin Lung TGV-IYG AAF07208 (63aa) Unpublished
   African elephant endotheliolytic virus Afeev African elephant Case 2 TGV-IYG AAD24549 (60aa) [39]
   Asian elephant endotheliolytic virus Aseev Asian elephant Case 3 TGV-IYG Not Deposited (60aa) [39]
   Aotine HV-1 AoHV1 Owl monkey S43E TGV-IYG AAC55643 (57aa) [8]
   Chlorocebus aethiops cytomegalovirus (Cercopithecine HV-5) CaeCMV African green monkey CSG TGV-IYG AAC55647 (57aa) [8]
   Mandrill cytomegalovirus MndCMV Mandrill leucophaeus Mnd205 DFASA-GDTD1B AAG39064 (157aa) [22]
   Mandrill HV β MndHVβ Mandrill sphinx Mnd301 DFASA-GDTD1B AAG39065 (159aa) [22]
  1. 1Names and abbreviations are usually derived from the original publications although some have been modified to conform to a three letter code derived from the first letter of the genus and the first two letters of the species, ie. Macaca mulatta = Mmu. This was necessary due to the number of different viral species and hosts which could not be distinguished with a two letter code.
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  6. 6 Primers modified (see reference)