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Figure 5

From: Mutational study of sapovirus expression in insect cells

Figure 5

VP1 amino acid alignment of SaV GI, GII, GIII, GV, and GV strains. We originally aligned 21 SaV GI, GII, and GV sequences but to simplify the figure we used one representative strain from each genogroup. The green bar shows the SaV P2 domain predicted by Chen et al. [7]. The asterisks indicate conserved amino acids. We originally aligned 21 different VP1 amino acid sequences of SaV GI, GII, and GV strains and found the residue (N) at position 358 (yellow) was strictly conserved (data not shown), but SaV GIII and GIV strains (PEC and Hou-7, respectively) had other residues at this position. The alignment of the five SaV genogroups showed the amino acid motif, GD, was strictly conserved (red) and several other amino acids surrounding the residue at position 358 were also strictly conserved (red).

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