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Table 1 Reference sequences from GenBank

From: A bovine viral diarrhea virus type 1a strain in China: isolation, identification, and experimental infection in calves

S. No Isolate name Accession number in GenBank Country
1 Singer L32875 USA
2 Osloss M96687 USA
3 New_York93 AF502399 USA
4 HN01 JX878887 China
5 ZM-95 AF526381 China
6 JX0929 JN248736 China
7 SD0803 JN248727 China
8 HEN1003 JN248731 China
9 Zeku26 KC414604 China
10 JZ05-1 GQ888686 China
11 SH1060 JN248741 China
12 KB02 GQ495700 Korea
13 08GB45-2 JQ418631 Korea
14 4-81 GQ985460 Korea