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Table 2 Nucleotide Identity (%) of A/Wild waterfowl/Dongting/C2148/2011 H9N2 virus with the closely related isolates in GenBank Database

From: Phylogenetic and antigenic characterization of reassortant H9N2 avian influenza viruses isolated from wild waterfowl in the East Dongting Lake wetland in 2011–2012

Segement Viruses in the GenBank showing high similarity Nucleotide identity (%) Accession Number
PB2 A/wild duck/Korea/SNU50-5/2009 (H5N1) 99% JX497765
PB1 A/wild duck/Korea/CSM4-28/2010 (H4N6) 99% JX454696
PA A/northern shoveler/California/2810/2011 (H11N2) 99% CY133906
HA A/northern shoveler/Interior Alaska/8BM3470/2008 (H9N2) 99% CY079646
NP A/duck/Nanjing/1102/2010 (H4N8) 99% KC683704
NA A/snow goose/Montana/466771-4/2006 (H5N2) 99% GQ923263
M A/wild duck/Korea/CSM4-28/2010 (H4N6) 99% JX454691
NS A/surface water/Minnesota/W07-2241/2007 (H3N8) 98% CY073724
  1. Comparisons were performed by using the BLAST search in the Influenza Sequcence Database.