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Figure 1

From: Vaccination directed against the human endogenous retrovirus-K (HERV-K) gag protein slows HERV-K gag expressing cell growth in a murine model system

Figure 1

Characterization of RLZ-HKGag cells and MVA-HK con. A: Immun-fluorescence analysis of RLZ and RLZ-HKGag cells. Cells were fixed and stained either with an anti-HERV-K Gag antibody alone or in combination with DAPI. B: MHC class I expression MHC class I (H2Kd) expression was analyzed by flow cytometry either with an antibody directed against H2Kd or a control antibody of the same isotype. Human 293 T cells were used as negative control. C: Western Blot analysis of MVA-HKcon-infected 293 T cells 293 T cells were infected at an MOI of 5 with MVA-HKcon and cell lysates were prepared at the indicated time points. HERV-K GAG was identified with the HERV-K GAG monoclonal antibody followed by chemiluminescent detection. Detection of ß-actin was used as loading control.

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