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Figure 1

From: High prevalence and diversity of species D adenoviruses (HAdV-D) in human populations of four Sub-Saharan countries

Figure 1

Comparison of observed minimum genetic distances. In this strip-chart, observed minimum genetic distances (minGD) of human adenovirus species D (HAdV-D) types are plotted. Left panel: minGD was determined for the 13 HAdV-D sequences of this study in relation to 43 HAdV-D types from Genbank. Right panel: minGD was determined for every HAdV-D type from Genbank in relation to the other 42 Genbank types. The red lines indicate the first quartile (25%) at 0.02 and the third quartile (75%) at 0.05 of the minGD values from the 43 Genbank types. The interquartile range (0.05-0.02) gives the range of the middle 50% of the observed minGD values of the Genbank types.

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