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Table 4 Putative recombinants in the SLCV dataset detected by up to seven algorithms in RDP 3.44

From: Frequent migration of introduced cucurbit-infecting begomoviruses among Middle Eastern countries

Isolate Region Major parent Minor parent Identified by
IL1-1 1442-1812 IL2-53 Unknown GBMCS3
LB3-6-41 1002-1603 IL3-99 Unknown RGBMCS3
LB2-2-12 1296-1458 LB1-1-8 Unknown GMCS3
IL2-57 1661-1932 IL1-27 Unknown MCS3
  1. RDP (R), Geneconv (G), Bootscan (B), Maximum Chi Square (M), Chimaera (C), SisterScan (S) and 3Seq (3) methods implemented in Recombination Detection Program.