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Table 1 Sampling sites and HEV detection results

From: Genetic heterogeneity of swine hepatitis E virus isolates from Yunnan province, China in 2011–2012

Sampling sites No. of samples Isolation time Positive rate Isolated strains
Luquan County (piglet market) 66 July, 2011 4.5%(3/66) YN11-1
JiangChuan County (back yard) 100 May, 2011 8%(8/100) YN11-2,YN11-3,swYN11-4,swYN11-5,swYN11-6,swYN11-7
Fumin County (back yard) 21 March, 2011 9.5%(2/21) swYN11-8, swYN11-9
Fumin County (piglet market) 29 October 2012 6.8%(2/29) swYN12-2
Shilin County (pig Farms) 40 October 2012 12.5%(5/40) swYN12-3,swYN12-4,swYN12-5,swYN12-6
Total 256   7.8%(20/256)  
  1. Five counties around Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan Province were selected for sampling. Fecal samples were collected from the piglets in markets and 3-6 month pigs on farms. Samples size, collected time and HEV detection results were also recorded.