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Table 2 Nucleotide and amino acid differences between A/equine/Richmond/1/07 and A/equine/Lincolnshire/1/07

From: An efficient genome sequencing method for equine influenza [H3N8] virus reveals a new polymorphism in the PA-X protein

Segment Nucleotide changes Protein Amino acid changes Amino acid changes from Richmond/1/07 to Lincolnshire/1/07
1 35 PB2 4 A105T, K251R, I398V, K660R
2 48 PB1 8 F94L, M119V, V149I, M179I, R329Q, E377D,D618E, K621R
3 47 PA 13 D64E, I86M, M210A, K237E, G240E, P259S, N321S, L348I, S409N, I465V, T476A, I500V, R626K
4 47a HA1 11b K-14T, F-11L, I-9a1, F-9b1, N7G, R62K, V78A, D104N, A138S, N159S, E291D
   HA2 3 T43A, E50G, I198V
5 30 NP 4 I131M, T257I, A359T, S450N
6 37 NA 12 T9A, S12F, V35A, E40K, G42D, H66Y, P78S, I191V, N235D, S337N, I410V, G416E
7 24 M1 3 I15V, I80V, K95R
   M2 2 S86D, 290G
8 11 NS1 4 I48S, I84V, Y207H, G210R
   NS2/NEP 1 M52I
  1. aIncludes a 6 nucleotide duplication resulting in btwo additional amino acids in A/equine/Richmond/1/07. Numbering starting after the putative signal sequence, numbering starting from start codon 1Two amino acid insertion in Richmond/1/07 HA, not present in Lincolnshire/1/07.