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Figure 8

From: Nuclear localized Influenza nucleoprotein N-terminal deletion mutant is deficient in functional vRNP formation

Figure 8

Gene expression from shortened M vRNA template remains defective in the presence of del20NLS-NP. 293 T cells were transfected with plasmid mixes to express recombinant vRNPs containing influenza RdRP with either WT-NP, del20NLS-NP, or no NP, and FLAG-M short vRNA template. Total protein was separated by SDS-PAGE and analyzed by Western blot. Anti-FLAG antibody detects NP FLAG and FLAG- M products. Asterisk represents FLAG detected product of unconfirmed identity. Anti-tubulin detects tubulin and serves as a loading control. Shown is a representative experiment, repeated in triplicate.

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